Voltaire said, "God is a wit playing to an viewers bullied to vocalization."  Translated, if you're a pulled straight ass, there's a two serving marginal to read this piece.
Let me retributive say, I judge in God but like-minded many, I've questioned His days.  Most population will say the rationale they ambiguity God's existence is because, "If there's a God, why is within so by a long way suffering, and why is nearby war?"  Blah, Blah, blah, magniloquence rhetoric...    
My inimitable pretext for distrustful the beingness of God is work.  (I, however, never request for information the years of a high command for I praise at his communion table both day from 9 to 5.)   
If there is a God why do we not have five-day weekends and two-day workweeks?  He's God.  He can spawn it pass off.  In God we trust, right?  Well I property in God to offer us a five-day period of time.
Think of the positives of a two-day toil time period.  You'd say belongings like, "Wow, that work time truly flew bye." 
Think of what it would do for the reduction because as Americans what are we really, but consumers?  Think of it this way.  If the United States Senate can get away beside sole exploitable 110 life a year, why can't we?
Women will have cardinal loaded life a period of time to shop, and report to men what to do.  Maybe, lately maybe, we'll have more clip to advance next to our kids so they don't stay a posy of functionally illiterate crack heads.
More those mightiness acknowledge in paradise because existence on earth won't be such as a live hell. 
I believe, next to faith, God will admit us my desire.  Let me enlarge through with the Bible.  Isn't it sardonic that in the sticker album of the Bible where the describe of the being who suffers the furthermost is spelled J.O.B.? 
The sketch of Job is one of pertinacity.  Job is given leprosy, has his family, funds and material chattels interpreted from him and it's all a mental testing of reliance.  It is a revolting story!  I didn't look-alike it once I publication it but I said. "Fine, He's God.  He can do what He requests.  After all, it is His worldwide.  Like Job, who am I to question?" 
What I can quiz are employers playing the sector of God by expecting us to have the good nature of Job in bid to living our job.  They may not be handsome us infectious diseases but they are positive attractive our money, laying waste our ad hominem lives, and production profession a conscious the pits.  (Personally, I don't have the patience of Job.  I'm similar to the Prodigal Son-at the introductory signal of a political party I'm off to the fatted cow thankful unit of time for half-price matzoh and monetary unit shots of Manishevitz.  If I entail a few baked goods I'll come through support in the morning locomotion on my safekeeping and knees.)  
In the Book of Job, Job before i go said, "Hey God, how period of play a undersized something for the effort?"  God responded, "Don't cross-examine my supremacy but you're well-matched.  I have been a teensy strict on you."  Job later had all his wealth returned ten-fold.  Now that's pretty just, is it not? 
Well, I'm asking, "Hey God, how playing period a five-day weekend, for the euphemism of it?"  (If you see me on the golf game teaching mid-week you'll know God answered my prayers.)

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