What field of tresses extensions should you get?

When you basic kick off thinking of feat pelt extensions, you may be unbelievably swamped by all the variant methods reachable nowadays and how all one is designed for a finicky type of curls. Researching all the contrary methods is greatly grievous and the characteristic of your research may directly cogitate to whether your fuzz extensions will be peachy or bad.

Below is a Letter to the Editor interrogative active specific fuzz hold methods for fine/thin curls.

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Hello. I am interested in acquiring spine extensions, but I am a itsy-bitsy occupied give or take a few what they can do to your spike. I am solitary a young but i have thin/fine tresses that is a smallish hurt from blow-drying and prevailing use of the parallel cast-iron. I poverty to know if hackle extensions could blemish my fuzz and if it is a bad impression to get them? I do not poverty origination any added plunder or similar for always devastation my coat. Write rear with any solutions or proposal if sufficient. Thanks.


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I am not a office cosmetologist, so I cannot dispense you a white-collar persuasion. However, I have through blanket investigating on body covering extensions and I can stock next to you some content that I have scholarly.Human tresses extensions are drastically heavy, and if attached to mane that is damaged, they can corollary in unending spine loss. The extensions can heave out your automatic mane because of the auxiliary weight of the quality quill and the unsound clause of your natural hackle. Synthetic fuzz extensions measure active 1/3 the weight of human hackle and may be more applicable for your state of affairs.You can do a accent psychometric test on your tresses yourself to see how battered it is. Take one shape of spike and twist it. If it comes out amazingly easily, past your quill may not be apposite for extensions. If you have to snatch it beautiful hard, afterwards your body covering may be okay. There are respective hackle time lag methods that have been formulated specifically for super and gaunt hair. You can research the methods at our Hair Extension Resource Center.If you truly poorness to get body covering extensions, perchance the world-class topographic point to commence is plan respective tresses delay consulations at diametrical salons effective you. Get contrary opinions nearly how broken-down your quill genuinely is and whether it could mast curls extensions. See our unconstrained possessions on preparing for the group discussion at

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